started with the game ff type-0

Damn, talk about a heavy start for a story.

You’ll be dropped when a a school (whit both soldiers and cadets banding together) get’s attack by an empire’ish army with lots of mecha robots (which looks like the dreatnaughts -did i type that correct?-from warhammer 40k, and you’ll beclose to the thruth) and spaceship look a like aircrafts attacking a country. All in name of a hitler’ish kind of ruler who want’s to take over the world with his narrow minded reason (ww2 all over againin a phantasy setting?)

Then after following a soldier with his chocobo (a crossbreed between a canary and a ostrich, which are used instead of horses) looking for a red caped person called ace, and finally when the soldier got mortally wounded he was found by the person he was looking for.

And before he died, he could finish his task, although itwas quite tear jerking moment (yeah, i cried manly tear’s of feelings, so what?!, it was quit a emotional moment) and then the game started for real.

….to be continued in my next post (insert evil laugh right here >:-D)

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